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Nombre: Mario Kart WiiRegión : NTSC-U - PAL -NTSC-J - NTSC-KTamaño: 4.38 GiB (4699979776 Bytes)Fecha: 28/04/08Download Torrent ISO Torrent Mario Kart Wii NTSC_U ISO Torrent Mario Kart Wii PAL ISO Torrent Mario Kart Wii NTSC_J ISO Torrent Mario Kart Wii NTSC_K[WiiHomebrew] Configurable USB Loader v70 r36 cIOS d2x Full Download[WiiHomebrew] NeoGamma R9 Beta 56 cIOS d2x Full Download[Wii/GCN] Dolphin Emulador para PC Full Donwload[WiiSave] Mario Kart Wii Save 100% Full Download. (All Regions) :To burn the game iso to a DVD with ImgBurn :(1) Put your blank DVD-R (it doesn`t matter if you use the cheap ones) in the DVD Drive Let IMGBURN read the type of DVD you are using. After it recognize the DVD, click on the (Green running man) at the right of the speed setup.(2) After this you will see a window where you will add the DISC ID by clicking on the (Green arrow) besides the DISC ID max speed. Then set the max speed of the DISC ID to 4x. Do the same with the DEVICE. Specify the device you will use and set the speed upto 4x. Click add or update to ensure the info is in the top part of the window At the end click OK.(3) You must now be back in the main window. Browse for your iso. Make sure also the write speed is at 4x in this window. Now start burning your DVD game.REMEMBER - Always do the lowest write speed so either 2x or 4x at most to make sure It works flawlessly. Good Luck.ImgBurn download here